Friday 7 October 2016

Wader Conservation World Watch (third year) 5th & 6th November 2016

Wader Conservation World Watch
Show you care!
A celebration of wader conservation and conservationists. 

Now, more than ever, waders are facing critical downturns in their population, 

What we have set out to do in this event is to give birders and wildlife lovers across the world the opportunity to show they; 
  • are aware of the problems and 
  • are appreciative of the fact that hundreds, if not thousands, of people are working away on their behalf 

Some of these will be professionals, rangers, surveyors and scientists all of whom are doing a tremendous job, but many, many more will be volunteers. 

These volunteers are often working within their local communities against the odds, and in some cases opposition, and often without support. 

These are the unsung heroes of wader conservation and it is to them that this event is predominantly dedicated whilst acknowledging the great work that professionals and large organisations do.

Join our celebration to thank the wader conservationists around the world both, professional and volunteer, who are making life just a little bit less stressful for our favourite group of birds, the waders.

How to join in; it's simple

1. Go out on 5th and/or 6th November wherever you happen to be in the world
2. note which species of wader/shorebird you see 
(it doesn't matter if it is just 1 species, it is the taking part that is important and there is no need to count the numbers unless you wish to.)
3. email your sightings to

we will;

1. add your name to the roll of honour 
2. add your sightings to the species list
3. send all participants a Wader Quest e-newsletter special with results, roll of honour and some of your own photos if you send them to us.

Last year we had 182 participants from 34 countries and saw 124 species between us

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