Saturday, 24 June 2017

2017 a great year for wader festivals in the UK

There will be more wader related festivals this year in the UK than ever before and Wader Quest is proud to be associated with all of them.

Wirral Wader Festival 8th - 10th September Hoylake and West Kirby, Merseyside UK. Attended by Rick and Elis Simpson with a stand with Wader Quest information and merchandising (Friday evening talk by Iolo Williams only) and Wader Quest volunteers and Trustees throughout the weekend at the birdwatching venues.  
     The original Wirral Wader Festival, taking place for its third year. Slightly different this year with a greater emphasis on the birds and high tide roost watching and protection. The added attraction this year will be a talk given by Iolo Williams on the Friday evening. Details to follow.

Severn Wader Festival 9th - 10th September WWT Slimbridge wetland Centre. Attended by Rick and Elis Simpson with stand with Wader Quest information and merchandising, talks on both days (different each day). 
     Another new event this year is the Severn Wader Festival that the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust is running in partnership with Wader Quest. 

Walney Wader Festival 21st - 22nd October South Walney Nature Reserve - Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Barrow-in-Furnace, Cumbria, UK. Attended by Rick and Elis Simpson.
     Now in its second year, Wader Quest is delighted to have been invited back. Details: Rick and Elis look forward very much to giving a talk there to local wader enthusiasts and running a stand with Wader Quest information and merchandising on both days. 


North of England Curlew Festival We have already enjoyed the first ever festival dedicated to one species, in this case the Curlew, which took place at Bolton Castle. People gathered to discuss the plight of the Curlews in the region as a follow up to the Southern Curlew Workshop earlier in the year. Members of the public were also engaged with a series of activities so, as an exercise in raising awareness about the Curlews continuing decline, it was a great success.

Other events that Wader Quest will be involved in this year include;

British Birdwatching Fair 18th - 21st August Rutland Water, UK; Attended by Rick and Elis plus volunteers and Trustees. Details: Stand in the usual place Marquee 7 stand 67, talk Saturday 20th 12.30 Lecture Marquee 1 The World's Rarest WadersA look at some of the world's rarest and most intriguing waders. We explain why they are so rare, and investigate what is being done to help them

Falsterbo Bird Show 1st - 3rd September Falsterbo, Sweden; Attended by Rick and Elis. Details: Talk Waders and their conservation.

Plover Appreciation Day 16th September RSPB Titchwell Marsh, Norfolk, UK; Attended by Ian Dearing and Allan Archer, both Trustees of Wader Quest and knowledgeable birders. Details: stand with Wader Quest information and merchandising.

Scottish Ornithological Conference 20th - 22nd September Atholl Palace Hotel, Pitlochry, Perthshire, UK; Attended by Andrew Whitelee (Trsutee) and Penny Insole (volunteer). Details: stand with Wader Quest information and merchandising.

Wader Conservation World Watch 4 4th - 5th November Wherever you happen to be in the world.
     Another chance to go wader watching to support wader conservation and conservationists. Get your birds on the collective world list and your name on the Roll of Honour.

Northwest Birdwatching Festival  18th - 19th November Martin Mere WWT centre, Burscough, Lancashire, UK. Attended by Rick and Elis. Details: stand with Wader Quest information and merchandising.
     Wader Quest is attending this enjoyable event for our 5th year, plenty to see and do for birders of all kinds.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

AWSG Whimbrel tagging; Busy breeding.

It has been quite a while since our last updates and we are delighted to see that both KS and KU have reached their breeding sites!

KS and KU have chosen different areas to nest approximately 630km apart from each other in the Sakha Republic, Russia.
Fig 1. Breeding location of KS and KU in Sakha Republic, Russia

KS reached the west of Momskiy Mountains in the last week of May. After spending two days there to replenish, it flew 157km east across the 2000m mountains to reach its nesting location.
Fig 2. KS flew across Momskiy Mountains

Within a few days of arriving, KS has chosen its nesting area. The movement of KS in its first week of arrival was quite extensive, covering up to an area of 500km2. Moving on to the second week, movement significantly shrunk to less than 100km2. Movement further limited to a 5km x 5km area in the third week indicating that KS is highly likely to be nesting.
Fig 3a. Movement of KS around nesting location - Week 1: 30-May to 5-Jun

   Fig 3b. Movement of KS around nesting location - Week 2: 6-Jun to 12-Jun
Fig 3c. Movement of KS around nesting location - Week 3: 13-Jun to 19-Jun
KU also arrived at its potential breeding area in late May. However, it then spent over 1.5 weeks exploring the area on both sides of a mountain before it finally decided its nesting area 17km north of the mountain, 27km west to River Yana.
Fig. 4 KU exploring its breeding area between 25-May and 5-Jun

Also within a week of arriving, a significant change in area of movement was observed. In the first week, KU moved in a wider area of up to 520km2. Afterwards, it settled down in the second week within a 13km x 10km area.
Fig 5a. Movement of KU around nesting location - Week 1: 7-Jun to 13-Jun

Fig 5b. Movement of KU around nesting location - Week 2: 14-Jun to 19-Jun
In the coming weeks, both KS and KU will be busy nesting and incubating their eggs. Later on their movement pattern might change again indicating fledging of their young.

On top of KS and KU which successfully made their journey to the breeding ground, we still regularly receive signals from both LA (at Eighty Mile Beach) and JX (at Palawan, the Philippines).

 As of 20 June 2017:
Migration tracks of our Whimbrels:

Migration summary on our Whimbrels
Katherine Leung
20 June 2017