Wednesday 27 April 2016

Norfolk Bird Race looms large. 30th April 2016; this weekend!

If you are out and about in Norfolk this weekend, you may come across one of the Norfolk Bird Race Teams, if you haven't already done so, press a donation into the hand of one of the team members! Thanks!

You shouldn't be able to miss our team on the road and apologies in advance if we cut you up! I have every intention to drive courteously and legally, but we all make mistakes and get over excited (although I have to say that over excited is not something you can level at me very often).

Don't get too close! We're prone to stopping suddenly.
Now that's what I call a logo! 

There is still some way to go to meet the new target of £750 so please dig deep and help us reach that total.

Also help us spread the word with our Thunderclap.

Remember that every penny that Wader Quest receives will be used for Wader Conservation.

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  1. Just plugged on my blog:

    Just to point out, its Bank Holiday Weekend, so you'll be lucky to be racing anywhere!!! Good Luck to all of you and hope you get loadsa dosh for Wader Quest. Best Wishes Penny