Monday 16 November 2015

Final update for WCWW 2015

The last list has been received, and the numbers have been counted, bringing another year of world wader watching to what, we feel, is a successful conclusion.

Before we show you the results though we have the enormous pleasure to announce the winner of the signed Lars Jonsson wader poster and set of Wader Quest pin badges that we offered as a prize draw for entries received.

The winners are Mike and Rose Clear of NSW, Australia.

All entries were allocated a random number which only Elis and I had sight of, then at the Wirral Wader Festival we asked our good friend Alan Davies of Birdwatching Trips with the Biggest Twitch to select a number at random from 1 - 178, he chose 99 which had been allocated to Mike and Rose. We are delighted that they have won as they are Founder Life Friends of Wader Quest who have been regular correspondents with helpful suggestions and advice, all of which has been much appreciated.

We were disappointed not to get Spoon-billed Sandpiper or Magellanic Plover as they are close to our hearts.

However, we are really pleased that so many people took up the challenge to stand up and be counted in positive support of wader conservation. In addition to the individuals there were a number of organisations that got involved or members of them did so in their name, the list of these is at the bottom of the list of names. 

Here are the statistics

Together we have seen 125 species (117 last year)
There have been 181 observers (70 last year)
In 33 countries (19 last year)
On 6 continents and all 9 flyways (as last year)

Roll of Honour and Species seen 

On behalf of Wader Quest and all the waders struggling to survive out there on a daily basis to everyone who took part and the organisations that helped us publicise this event we wish to say a very big and heartfelt



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