Wader Conservation World Watch. 

The 3rd WCWW will take place on the 5th and 6th November 2016
Make a note in your diary to join in the fun.

To take part is as simple as A,B,C.

A.     Go out and see waders/shorebirds wherever you are in the world.
B.     Send us an email telling us what you have seen and where.
C.     We'll create a list the species seen between us worldwide.
D.     Look for you name on the roll of honour on this website.

It is that easy; no registration required just good old-fashioned bird watching... oh! And an email. waderquest@gmail.com 

Wader Conservation World Watch is all about participating and standing up to say 
"We Care!"

We care that the Yellow Sea is being devastated.
We care that 50% of UK lapwings have disappeared.
We care that the Spoon-billed Sandpiper is heading for extinction.
We care that 48% of known wader populations are in decline.
We care that wet meadow nesting chicks are being destroyed by early mowing.
We care that thousands of waders are still hunted.
We care that Hooded Plovers still can't find a place on the beach to breed.
We care that wetlands are being drained.
We care that Black Stilts only cling to existence due to captive breeding.
We care that 6 wader species are Extinct.
We care that 8 wader species are Critically Endangered.
We care that 4 of those are probably Extinct.
We care that 9 wader species are Endangered (2 new recently).
We care that 9 wader species are Vulnerable.
We care that 29 wader species are Near threatened (6 new recently)
and finally 
We care enough to stand up and be counted.

Waders need love too!
Note: For our purposes there is no necessity to count the birds however if you are willing and able to do so we would encourage you to enter your lists on public databases such as eBird and BirdTrack to add to our general knowledge of wader distribution and population levels. In particular we would be interested to hear about any colour-ringed or flagged birds, information that may be of some interest to researchers.

2015 results

2015 results
Together we have seen 124 species
There have been 182 observers
In 33 countries
On 6 continents in all flyways.

Prize Draw:
Congratulations to Mike and Rose Clear of NSW, Australia who received a signed Lars Jonsson wader poster and a set (Nºs 1-8) of Wader Quest Collectables wader pin badges. 

Roll of Honour

AFRICA African Jacana
Bruce Ward-Smith et al. (1) - Western Cape, S. Africa. Comb-crested Jacana
Jenny Sharland (11) - Gauteng, South Africa. Wattled Jacana
Lance Robinson - Limpopo, South Africa. Magellanic Oystercatcher
Michael Booth - Eastern Cape, South Africa. Blackish Oystercatcher
Michal Groenewald - Gauteng, South Africa American Oystercatcher
Dr. Mark Brown (2) - Western Cape, South Africa African Black Oystercatcher
Modou Saidy - Western Division, The Gambia. Eurasian Oystercatcher
Owen Oertli (11) - South Africa. South Island Oystercatcher
Peter Sharland (11) - Gauteng, South Africa. Pied Oystercatcher
Richard Johnstone - Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Variable Oystercatcher
Robert Geddes - Gauteng, South Africa. Sooty Oystercatcher
Selena Flores (3) - Western Cape, S. Africa. Black-winged Stilt
Sue Oertli (11) - Gauteng, South Africa. White-headed Stilt
Toni Geddes - Gauteng, South Africa. Black-necked Stilt
Aidan Griffiths - MA, USA Banded Stilt
Anne Arvidson - PEI, Canada. Pied Avocet
Annette Cunniffe - CT, USA. American Avocet
Caity Reiland-Smith - FL, USA Red-necked Avocet
Charmaine Anderson - ONT, Canada. Spotted Thick-knee
Darlene Luckins - CA, USA. Peruvian Thick-knee
Dave Rooke - ONT, Canada. Bush Stone-curlew
Devin Griffiths - MA, USA Beach Stone-curlew
Dominic Garcia-Hall - NJ, USA Double-banded Courser
Meg Rousher - FL, USA Temminck's Courser
Meredith Sampson - CT, USA. Australian Pratincole
Michael Prather - CA, USA Oriental Pratincole
Mike Bergin - NY, USA Black-winged Pratincole
Ron Arvidson - PEI, Canada. Northern Lapwing
AMERICA CENTRAL Blacksmith Lapwing
Bruno Lima - Chihuahua, Mexico. Spur-winged Lapwing
Fernando Mondoca - Chihuahua, Mexico. Crowned Lapwing
Jaime Robles Morales - Chihuahua, Mexico. African Wattled Lapwing
Karina Avila - Chihuahua, Mexico. Banded Lapwing
Michele Caballero - Panama, Panama Masked Lapwing
Rosabel Miró - Panama, Panama. Southern Lapwing
Stephany Carty - Panama, Panama. European Golden Plover
AMERICA SOUTH  Pacific Golden Plover
Allan Martin (16) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. American Golden Plover
Amanda Martin (16) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Grey Plover
Ana Agreda de la Paz - Santa Elena, Ecuador. Northern Red-breasted plover
Beatriz Blauth - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Common Ringed Plover
Bruno Neri - São Paulo, Brazil Semipalmated Plover
Emanuel Tiberi - Santa Cruz, Argentina Little Ringed Plover
Janet Avery - South Georgia, UK dependency. Killdeer
Nicholas Locke (16) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Piping Plover
Raffaele Di Biase - Los Lagos, Chile Kittlitz's Plover
Raquel Locke (16) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Three-banded Plover
Renzo Zeppilli - Lima, Peru. White-fronted Plover
Ricardo Matus - Valparaíso, Chile. Kentish Plover
Rob Clay - Asunción, Paraguay. Snowy Plover
Ruth A. Borbor Suárez - Santa Elana, Ecuador. Red-capped Plover
ASIA Collared Plover
Abhay Patne - Maharashtra, India. Two-banded Plover
Choong Liung, Chin - Selangor, Malaysia. Double-banded Plover
Laarni C. Jocson (4) - Manila, Philippines. Mongolian Sandplover
Hwee Mien, Tan - Selangor, Malaysia. Lesser Sandplover
Yung-Ki Ju - Seocheon, South Korea. Greater Sand Plover
Lim Seik Ni - Johor, Malaysia. Caspian Plover
Lisa Chou - Llan, Taiwan. Oriental Plover
Tomomi Kawasumi - Chiba, Japan. Hooded Dotterel
Zaim Hazim Onn - Sabah, Malaysia. Black-fronted Dotterel
Ailsa Howard - Canterbury, New Zealand. Tawny-throated Dotterel
Arthur Keates - WA, Australia. Eurasian Woodcock
Berndt - Canterbury, New Zealand Jack Snipe
Brent Stephenson (10) - Waikato, New Zealand. African Snipe
Casandra - Canterbury, New Zealand Common Snipe
Chris Hassell - WA, Australia. Wilson's Snipe
Colin Gould - Canterbury, New Zealand. Short-billed Dowitcher
Connie Grohmann - WA, Australia. Long-billed Dowitcher
Craig Williams - WA, Australia. Asian Dowitcher
Danny Rogers - WA, Australia. Black-tailed Godwit
Diane Bennet - WA, Australia. Hudsonian Godwit
Erik Sandvig - QLD, Australia Bar-tailed Godwit
Ernst Albegger - Waitkato, New Zealand Marbled Godwit
Franky O'Connor - WA, Australia Little Curlew
Gavin O'Brian - NT, Australia. Eurasian Whimbrel
Grace Maglio - WA, Australia. Hudsonian Whimbrel
Greg Kerr - WA, Australia. Eurasian Curlew
Greg Nye - QLD Australia. Far Eastern Curlew
Hazel Watson (17)  - WA, Australia / Canterbury, New Zealand Long-billed Curlew
Jaime Jackett  - WA, Australia. Upland Sandpiper
Jenny Stephens - VIC, Australia. Spotted Redshank
Jo Gould - Canterbury, New Zealand.  Common Redshank
John Newman - VIC, Australia. Marsh Sandpiper
Kerry Hadley - WA, Australia. Common Greenshank
Larry - Canterbury, New Zealand. Greater Yellowlegs
Liz Rozenberg - WA, Australia. Lesser Yellowlegs
Margot Oorebeek - WA, Australia. Green Sandpiper
Marie Tarrant - QLD, Australia. Solitary Sandpiper
Maurice O'Connor - WA, Australia Wood Sandpiper
Mike Clear - NSW, Australia Terek Sandpiper
Nigel Jackett - WA, Australia. Common Sandpiper
Ray Turnbull - WA, Australia. Spotted Sandpiper
Renate Hofmann-Schaefer (18) - QLD, Australia. Grey-tailed Tattler
Ria Migaloo - Northland, New Zealand. Western Willet
Ric Else (17) - WA, Australia / Canterbury, New Zealand Ruddy Turnstone
Rob Bush - WA, Australia. Great Knot
Rose Clear - NSW, Australia. Red Knot
Sav Saville (10) - Waikato, New Zealand. Sanderling
Stuart Ford - WA, Australia. Semipalmated Sandpiper
Sue Tolley - NSW, Ausralia. Western Sandpiper
Ted Howard - Canterbury, New Zealand. Red-necked Stint
Wendy Clear - NSW, Australia. Little Stint
Zorica Komac - QLD, Australia. Least Sandpiper
CARIBBEAN White-rumped Sandpiper
Jackie Cestero - Anguilla. Baird's Sandpiper
EUROPE Pectoral Sandpiper
Alan McBride - Languedoc, France Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Alicia Mottur - West Vlaanderen, Belgium. Curlew Sandpiper
Anna Carter - Skåne, Sweden. Purple Sandpiper
Astrid Kant - Zeeland, Netherlands. Dunlin
Chris Lamsdell (12) - Strostrom, Denmark. Broad-billed Sandpiper
Denise Lamsdell - Storstrom, Denmark. Stilt Sandpiper
Esfandiar Vahida - West Vlaanderen, Belgium. Buff-breasted Sandpiper
Eva Hjärne - Skåne, Sweden. Ruff
Haritz Sarasa Zabala - Navarra, Spain. Wilson's Phalarope
June Neal - Larnaca, Cyprus Least Seedsnipe
P. G. Bentz - Skåne, Sweden. Snowy Sheathbill
Ronald Messemaker - Zeeland, Netherlands.
Rosen Kostadinov - Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.
Shahrzade Vahida - West Vlaanderen, Belgium.
Allan Archer (12) - Norfolk, England.
Andy Hood - North Yorkshire, England.
Barry Yates (5) - Sussex, England
Carey Lodge - Hampshire, England.
Chris Craig - Somerset, England.
Dan Rouse - Carmarthenshire, Wales.
Dan Trotman (6) - Cheshire, England.
Dave Easter (7) - Devon, England.
Doug Herdson (7) - Devon, England.
Doug Redford (8) - Cambridgeshire, England
Elis Simpson (12) - Lincolnshire, England
John Lloyd (7) - Devon, England.
Gail Pickett - Merseyside, England.
Gary Turnbull - Islay, Scotland.
Glenn Morris - Flintshire, Wales.
Graham Powell - Bridgend, Wales.
Howard Stockdale - Lancashire, England.
Hugh Harrop (15) - Shetland, Scotland
Ian Dearing - Norfolk, England.
Jack Delabye - Kent, England.
Jenny Mason - Norfolk, England
Jill Black - East Sussex, England.
Joe Beale -  London , England.
Joe Meyers - Suffolk, England
Jon Mercer - Gloucestershire, England.
Julia Lashly - Essex, England.
Liz Harris (7) - Devon, England.
Martin Goodey - Isles of Scilly, England.
Matt Merritt (13) - Warwickshire, England.
Matt Thomas (14) - Wirral, England.
Mya-Rose Craig (Birdgirl) - Somerset, England.
Neal Warnock - County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Oliver Simms (12) - Derbyshire, England
Phil Pickett - Merseyside, England.
Rick Simpson (12) - Norfolk / Lincolnshire-Kent, England.
Rob Norris - Cambridgeshire, England.
Roberta Goodall - Gloucestershire, England
Ross Mason - Norfolk, England
Sue Healey (9, 12) - Norfolk, England.
* Participants at Haribon Foundation in addition to the above.
Princess del Castillo
Juan Anselmo Enriquez
Angela Del Rosario
Harlan Red Arias
Sheanne Eric Cabantac
Guia Ysobel D. Casanova
Daryll Panes
Victor Nepomuceno
Niel Gabriel Saplagio
Erica Yu
Mariel Guevara
Gabriel Piñon 
Ingrid Saplagio
April Enriquez
Heavenly Joy Garcia
Zoy Pagalilauan
Clarissa Que
Patricia Que
Rodrigo Sale II
Mikaela Sarol
Bryan Ocampo
Gaby Garcia
Laarni C. Jocson
Erina Pauline V. Molina
Maria Belinda E. de la Paz
Gary de la Paz
Josiah David G. Quimpo
Ana Dominique A. Almazar
Participating organisations
(1) BirdLife Plettenberg Bay
(2) Nature's Valley Trust
(3) Percy FitzPatrick Institute
(4) Haribon Foundation - Philippines
(5) Rye Harbour Nature reserve
(6) RSPB Burton Mere wetlands
(7) Devon Birds
(8) RSPB Fowlmere
(9) Gravesend RSPB local group
(10) Wrybill Birding Tours
(11) Wader Quest South Africa
(12) Wader Quest
(13) Birdwatching Magazine
(14) Wirral Rangers
(15) Shetland Wildlife
(16)  Reserva Ecológica Guapiaçu (REGUA)
(17) Stickybeak
(18) Protect the Sandgate Waders
2014 results
Together we have seen 117 species
There have been 70 observers
In 19 countries
On 6 continents in all flyways. 

Map by East-Asian Australasian Flyways Partnership EAAFP

Eurasian Golden Plover Pluvialis apricaria: Titchwell RSPB reserve, Norfolk, England. 30/11/2014.



  1. Today 1st November 2015 at my local reserve Upton Warren Worcs UK . Northern Lapwing 200, Curlew 6, Common snipe 51, Jack Snipe flushed just feet away, Green sandpiper. a quiet time of year for waders on the reserve with no passage birds present.

    1. Thanks for your list for yesterday, the world watch is on the 7th and 8th, it was a goodly list though, especially since you saw a Jack Snipe, will you be able to repeat the exercise for next weekend, hopefully the Jack Snipe will still be there! Fingers crossed and thanks gain for your interest.

  2. Looking forward to a cold front hopefully bringing some fresh waders to the New York City area this weekend.

    1. Here´s hoping Dominic! Thanks very much for your support for this event. Cheers! Please let us know by email if you can we may miss it here! Thanks.