Thursday 30 April 2015

Five Little Curlews now migrating north from Australia - Inka Veltheim and Clive Minton

Very exciting news - five of the little curlew have now departed Australia and are on northward migration, having left Australia between 24th and 28th of April.
It appears that the first two birds departing Australia (61 & 65) hit some bad weather and briefly turned back before landing on islands of Indonesia (Roti and Sulawesi). A low pressure system with thunderstorms between north west Australia and Indonesia around the time of migration probably affected this first leg of their journey.
It is also exciting to have 47 on migration. We tracked this bird last year, but this year it has left about two weeks earlier than in 2014. This bird, and bird 63, quite likely departed from Roebuck Plains on the same day. Similar trajectories of their tracks would certainly suggest this.
Bird 62 was the last one to leave from Anna Plains, around the 28th April, and has the most direct path out of the five. It is currently tracking towards Borneo.

Inka Veltheim and Clive Minton on behalf of the Australian Wader Study Group

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