Sunday 16 November 2014

Wader Quest Grant Fund.

Ever since we started raising money for the Hooded Plovers of Australia alongside the money being raised for the Spoon-billed Sandpipers at the British Bird Fair in 2013 we have always had two funds running concurrently. When we handed over the money to BirdLife Australia earlier this year we were left with just our Magellanic Plover project fund. At that point we decided that we should have a second fund running permanently that would be for accruing money to form a Grants Fund in order that we could start to apply ourselves to our raison d'ĂȘtre, i.e. to help fund small wader conservation projects.

Shortly after this decision we had our very first application from Iwan Londo founder of the Anak Burung Birdbanding Club in Indonesia working under the supervision of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. Iwan's project involves the ringing of Javan Plovers and White headed Stilts, his request was for some celluloid colour rings plus some wing and tail measuring equipment. This was ordered and sent and has now arrived at its intended destination. We look forward to hearing more about the project as it progresses.

Photo: Iwan Londo

Photo: Iwan Londo

After that we received a communication from Eveling Tavera Fernandez the bird banding programme co-ordinator with CORBIDI (Centro de OrnitologĂ­a y Biodiversidad) in Peru. They were in need of some new mist nets suitable for capturing waders such as Semipalmated and Western Sandpipers and through our Trustee Chris Lamsdell we were able to supply her with the number she required.

Photo: Eveling Tavera Fernandez

These are small steps, but still very important ones as far as Wader Quest is concerned, we are now doing what we set up to do.

Our policy is that all donations and money from sponsorship will be ring-fenced for the projects we support with none going on expenses or wages (not that we have any wages), it is therefore vital that we raise the number of sponsors and donations so that we can continue to expand this work. If you are not already a sponsor please consider joining the growing worldwide community of people who care about what happens to our waders or shorebirds, the fees are ridiculously low so that it will not hurt your pocket too much; a friend of ours bought a Panini roll at the airport the other day and it cost him the same as a family sponsorship of Wader Quest for a year £7.50!

There are some wonderful large conservation bodies out there who are doing marvellous things on a grand scale, but who is looking out for the little guy? Well that would be us, would you like to be a part of it too?

Ordinary Sponsorship £5.00
Family Sponsorship £7.50
Club Sponsorship £10.00
Corporate Sponsorship £20.00
Life Sponsorship £200.00 for more details or use the sponsorship button in the right hand column.

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