Saturday 12 July 2014

Still four chicks with the Killdeers in CT

Today Annette returned to check on the Killdeer family she is monitoring in Connecticut, USA. At first she could only seen two chicks and became concerned. The tide was low and although she looked carefully she could not find the others anywhere.
Adult Killdeer keeping a low profile. Photo: Annette Cunniffe.

She decided to sit and watch and after a while was relieved to find that all four chicks are still about, they just seemed to materialise out of nowhere.

Killdeer chick. Photo: Annette Cunniffe.

They are changing fast, look at the difference in these two pictures, the one on the left was taken on the 1st and the other today the 12th of July. You can almost hear the mother sighing "Oh my, how soon they grow!"

1st July                                                                                                              12th July
Photos: Annette Cunniffe.


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