Wednesday 16 July 2014

One Killdeer chick missing.

Annette Cunniffe has just sent an update from Connecticut about the Killdeer family. To get a different angle on things she approached the beach from the water in a Kayak, a risky business if you have a camera with you.

Adult (left) with chick Killdeer. Photo; Annette Cunniffe.

She only saw three chicks the whole time she was there despite searching.

Killdeer Chick. Photo; Annette Cunniffe.

She did see two potential problems for the unfledged chicks, the first in the form of an unleashed dog that was accompanying a jogger; however Annette reports that the animal didn't appear to be interested in anything on the beach other than its owner. The second, a Herring Gull that was mooching about in the area was potentially more of a threat.

Killdeer chick still looking very downy and scruffy. Photo; Annette Cunniffe.

Will the missing chick turn up the next time she visits? Let's hope so.

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