Sunday 6 July 2014

Midsomer Murders (without the bodies!)

So many of the Midsomer Murders series are set around twee village fĂȘtes and carnivals, well, today we felt like we were on the set of one of those episodes, half expecting one of the Chief Inspector Barnabys to stroll past with one of his hapless sergeants; instead we got a couple of local Community Support Officers.

The Newport (Midsomer) Pagnell Carnival Car Boot Sale complete with twee church tower over the trees.
The Newport Pagnell Carnival took place this weekend and although we were at the OSME meeting yesterday for the rain drenched Carnival Parade we went and set up the Wader Quest mobile charity shop at the car boot sale. We were lucky with the weather and we had a very pleasant afternoon with much mirth and gaiety at the event, we even shared a beer from the beer tent, such extravagance!

Rick bargaining hard with potential victims (I mean visitors to the stand).

We didn't do badly at this our 6th car boot sale this year and added some more much needed funds to the coffers of Wader Quest and our fundraising projects. We know that these small amounts will not change the world, but until we can attract some bigger backers this is the only way we are going to fulfil our commitments, by perseverance, putting in the time and effort with dogged determination.

A moment to draw a breath.

Elis and I dedicate all our time thinking about how to build on the successes we have had thus far and developing the ideas we have. Starting a charity from scratch is not an easy task, and not for the faint hearted, but if you believe in something strongly enough, all the obstacles can be overcome one way or another and we now have a group of supportive an thoughtful Trustees to guide our enthusiasm.

We do not intend to be examples of those people who spend much time and breath talking about doing something, we are prepared to get off our backsides and actually do something; it may not be much right now but we hope that we can show that we are serious and that in turn may, encourage others to invest in us.

One of our ideas to promote Wader Quest, the popular Wader Quest Collectables models and enamel pin badges.

There are some people out there we hear who still think that Wader Quest is just about travelling the world to see waders, but that word Quest has more than one meaning; our quest now is the pursuit of success in becoming a force that will, in the future, make a significant contribution to the welfare of waders around the world.

We may have a long way to go, but like a bar-tailed godwit setting forth on its daunting non-stop flight from Alaska to New Zealand we are prepared for the journey ahead and set forth determined to reach our goal.
We are doing everything we can to grow so that the charity matches our ambition and determination.

If, like us, you believe that these wonderful birds deserve friends around the world then join us, swell our numbers, boost our influence, and help us to make a difference.

Think not what waders can do for you, but what you can do for waders! A good start would be to join Wader Quest we reckon!

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