Tuesday 25 March 2014

Thanks to our recent donors.

Just when we thought it was all over we noticed that we were just £5 short of £3,200. So we put out an appeal for some kind person to make up the shortfall.

Within minutes we had a donation from Sue Hyde doing just that, which cheered us up no end. We were very happy with this outcome now being a respectable £200 over our target.

As if that wasn't reason enough to celebrate, later we received another last minute donation, this time from the USA and our very good friend Annette Cunniffe who donated a whopping £50.00. Then, another donation of £10.00 came in, this time from our friend Jayne Watts who, with husband Mick came to Brazil and travelled around the north-east with us, what a great trip that was!
That means that our donation to the WWT will be £3,265 plus around £45 of the gift aid that will be remaining once JustGiving have taken their fees from it, so a little over £3,300 in total. All round a very satisfying result, or should I perhaps say latest score? There is nothing in the rule books that say you can't still make a donation before the site closes on the 31st of March!
Spoon-billed Sandpiper Eurynorhynchus pygmeus; Pak Thale, Phetchaburi, Thailand. November 2012.

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