Saturday 29 March 2014

Something different!

A very thoughtful Christmas present has just been used for the first time; a 'Waders' jigsaw puzzle that we received from my late brother David's widow, Claire. David was, and Claire still is, a great supporter of Wader Quest (she even suffered one of our talks recently with good grace and humour). It was a challenging puzzle, but we finished it in the wee small hours of the morning.
The Jigsaw puzzle; this image looks like a photo of the world with giant waders represented on all continents, rather apt we felt, in Wader Quest's  world these birds feature 24 hours a day, we even dream about them!
Artwork by Alan Harris.
The puzzle's emergence from the cupboard was occasioned by a visit from Gyorgy Szimuly (Szimi) of WorldWaders fame and his delightful wife Andi and Kea their equally delightful daughter. Szimi was here to talk about his plans for the World Shorebirds' Day (6th September 2014) and we were happy to assure him of Wader Quest's support for the idea although, on the day itself, we plan to be at the Falsterbo Bird Show in Sweden so may not be able to do much counting ourselves except, hopefully, donations!

The idea is that people will go out on that day and count shorebirds, or at least look at them. Make a note in your diary now and then go to the World Shorebirds' Day to register the site you plan to visit. Szimi's aim is for there to be pledges to visit 1,000 sites around the world, to date he has already got 209 plotted on the site.

You can vote too for the shorebird of the year for the 2014 event, any funds that are raised will be sent in support of a project somewhere in the world for the species chosen by the public. Although Wader Quest may not be able to count shorebirds on the day, we intend to make a donation to whatever species is chosen; can't wait to see which it will be.

Wader Quest is pleased to be a partner in World Shorebirds' Day it will raise awareness and who knows maybe a little money too, and from our point of view, that is a very good thing.

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