Saturday 4 May 2013

Last morning, Galveston Island, Texas.

A lovely bright morning with time to do a little wader watching, photography and filming before we had to leave for the airport.

Western Willet

The real surprise of the morning was to find this Wilson's Phalarope wandering about on the sand, we are much more accustomed to see them swimming around or up to their bellies in water.

Wilson's Phalarope
Least Sandpipers are very common across much of the USA in winter particularly on the coasts, we saw them in Florida, Washington, California and now in both Texas and Louisiana. They are the most endearing of creatures too. They are so diminutive and yet confiding. If you stand still they will come right up to you without any fear it would seem, it is simply wonderful to have such personal encounters with them.

Least Sandpiper
Indeed as we have often noted before all the waders seem much more confiding in the Americas than they do here in Europe.

Ruddy Turnstone

Lesser Yellowlegs
We feasted on the waders for the last time, not literally of course, and then headed back to Houston for our flight back to the UK.

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