Saturday 4 May 2013

Rice Country day Louisiana day 2.

The day started misty so we took our time having breakfast at the lodge then headed out for the day stopping for some supplies first.

Misty morning Louisiana style.
Today's target was to find Baird's Sandpiper by hook or by crook, it having eluded us the previous day despite the help of Steve and Donna. We had listened to the call several times and studied the books to make sure we were familiar with the summer plumage of this difficult bird and so were well prepared to sift through many sandpipers. The very first bird that I scoped was Baird's Sandpiper! Elis didn't see it though before it took off calling. After a bit of searching we found two more, which Elis did see this time, but they kept their distance. We also had Least and Semipalmated Sandpipers here plus Long-billed Dowitcher.

Least Sandpiper
After this we relaxed a little, but were still determined to get at least a record shot of this species. We also wanted to get some more photos of the other species and a little 'video' too, we wouldn't be seeing these species again in a hurry! We had a good day enjoying the excellent wader spectacle that can be found in this region at this time of year and eventually, when we stopped for some lunch, we found another 2 Baird's Sandpipers, this time a little closer and therefore photographable, just.

Baird's Sandpiper
In the afternoon we watched a tremendous storm come towards us and sat it out watching the waders, mostly Long-billed Dowitchers whizzing around seemingly trying to find a place to hide from the torrential rain, once the rain passed, the sun came out again and feeding got back to normal.

Long-billed Dowitcher enduring the rain storm.
Our job done we left the Rice Country and headed back to Cameron for the night.

Stilt Sandpiper joins the Long-billed Dowitchers

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