Wednesday 6 March 2013

Wader Quest species seen nº 9: Sanderling

Sanderling Calidris alba

Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil

1st November. Titchwell RSPB reserve, Norfolk England. (Also seen: Thailand: USA - FL, WA & CA.)

As is usual for this species it was found running around in small groups at the waters edge dodging the waves. More unusually there was also a large group of them foraging in the much dryer higher reaches of the beach.

This species is found on every continent bar Antarctica. It breeds in the high arctic in northern Canada, Greenland and parts of Russia. Its wintering grounds are across every inhabited continent along coasts. They are a wintering bird in the UK only very rarely being seen away from the coast. It is a monotypic species.

Of Least Concern according to Birdlife International, this species has a global population of between 620,000 and 700,000 individuals.

There is some uncertainty about the global population trend as some populations are decreasing while others are increasing, are stable or have unknown trends.

Birdlife International (2013) Species factsheet: Calidris alba. Downloaded from on 06/02/2013.

Titchwell Beach, Norfolk, England

In typical situation; Tavares, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Lam Pak Bia, Petchaburi, Thailand.

Juvenile (left) and adult; Lam Pak Bia, Petchaburi, Thailand.

Juvenile into 1st winter; Ubatuba, São Paulo, Barzil

Ocean Shores, Washington, USA.
Milford Beach, Connecticut, USA.

For more information about Sanderling see: 

Birdlife International species factsheet:

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