Monday 4 March 2013

Wader Quest species seen nº 8: Grey Plover.

Grey (or Black-bellied) Plover Pluvialis squatarola

Crandon Park, Florida, USA.

1st November. Titchwell RSPB reserve, Norfolk England. (Also seen: Thailand: UAE; USA - FL & CA.)

Scattered along the beach in small numbers loosely grouped together.

This is a species that can be found on all continents (bar Antarctica) at some point during the year. It breeds across arctic North America and across arctic Russia. It winters widely along coasts of North and South America, Europe, Africa, across Asia to Australia. It is a monotypic species.

Considered of Least Concern by Birdlife International this bird has a global population estimated at 692,000 and although the general population trend is decreasing, in some populations such as in North America it is stable over the portion surveyed.

Birdlife International (2013) Species factsheet: Pluvialis squatarola. Downloaded from on 06/02/2013

Paraty, São Paulo, Brazil

Crandon Park, Florida, USA

Large flock of mostly Grey Plovers with some Short-billed Dowitchers;
Crandon Park, Florida, USA.

Bunche Beach. Florida, USA.
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