Wednesday 2 January 2013

Wader Quest bird of the year 2012 award ceremony.

No contest; it has to the the Spoon-billed Sandpiper,

but that of course is far too obvious so we decided to have some categories to make it more interesting.

Bird that gave us the most grief award goes to: Rock Sandpiper.

Bird with the most interesting personality award goes to: Rocky the Piping Plover.

Bird that we were most lucky to see award goes to: Sociable Lapwing.

Bird with the longest beak award goes to: Long-billed Curlew.

Bird with the most attractive plumage award goes to: Crab Plover.

Bird with the most exotic name award goes to: Wandering Tattler.

Bird with the least amount known about it award goes to: White-faced Plover.

Bird that was most camera shy award goes to: Cream-coloured Courser.
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Bird that saved us the most money award goes to: Grey Phalarope.

Bird with the most amusing call award goes to: Red-wattled Lapwing.

Bird that gave us the most heartache award goes to: No nominations!

Bird of the year that wasn't a wader award goes to: Snowy Owl.



  1. Luckily no dipp award exists. :) Well done. This entry made me smile. :)
    Well done.

    Best, Szimi

    1. Thanks Szimi.
      Yes indeed, we are truly happy the 'Bird that broke our hearts' award got no nominations this year, sadly I expect that next year will be different.
      Glad we made you smile.
      Rick and Elis.

  2. Nice rogues gallery, Rick and Elis! I think you could be right about 2013, though. Looking forward to seeing you both in August.


    1. Thanks Peter, I bet we are looking forward to it more than you!!!

  3. Hi Longwell.

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