Sunday 28 October 2012

4 days left and counting.

We went in search of the elusive local plover flock again this morning, still hoping to find them so that we can make them our first port of call on Thursday, aka WQ day. However they remained elusive adding to my suspicion that they were a one off roving party. We did eventually come across a small flock near Ravenstone in Bucks, but there were only around twelve individuals in all.

The elusive flock
Interested to see that the new two volume wader book The New Shorebirds Handbook is offering people the chance to vote on the front cover picture for each volume go to

If you scroll down further on the same page you will also come to some information about the plates and also the chance to donate to help make this important book happen. If you are a book collector and a wader lover, then surely this must be a volume that you will dearly want to own. Here's a plate from the book:
© Szabolcs Kókay/The New Shorebirds

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