Friday 19 October 2012

13 days to go, and a reminder why we are doing this.

With just 13 days to go, a salient reminder as to why we are committing a year of our lives and the deposit on a mortgage to helping raise awareness across the globe about the pressures that waders face. Here is an article about the threat being posed to one of the best wader habitats in Thailand and a Ramsar site to boot.

Governments and politicians and businessmen will continue to abuse the environment to satisfy personal agendas until the people they represent (those that have a vote at any rate) care enough to change their minds, this is why we want to meet local people wherever we go, this is why we want to talk to schools and this is why we want local people to know about conservation projects on their doorstep.

Nordmann's Greenshank taken at Krabi estuary; photo Simon Buckell

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