Saturday 20 October 2012

12 days to go & plover heroes in the USA

Every sinew in our bodies is twisted in anticipation, but patience is required. We were excited to hear about a Jack Snipe at Titchwell as that is probably where we will begin our year-long venture, we'll keep you all posted of course and if you happen to be there, stop us and say hello!

Anyway, I have been talking to some people from California and it seems there is loads of excellent work being done up and down the coast there with waders, or should I say, shorebirds in this case. There are programmes for Snowy Plovers all along the coast and also a  lot of work is being done with Black Oystercatchers.

There is also an Audubon site about people fighting to protect plovers across the USA, they call these people Plover Heroes. One of these heroes is helping one of our target species on the west coast, Mountain Plover, and another the Wilson's Plover on the gulf coast. Great people doing great things to help great birds. We wish them every success.
Here's a plover facing real difficulties on the east coast which has
its own plover hero; Piping Plover

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