Thursday 25 October 2012

1 week to go

Here we are then with just one week to go, getting really excited now, champing at the bit like a racehorse in the gate (OK a cart horse). The most likely start to the quest is going to be birding in Norfolk, at Titchwell on Thursday next week. As the day approaches we'll be able to be more definite and if we do end up there, and you are there too, stop and say hello to us.

Red Knot over Titchwell
If we get some decent information we will then probably be somewhere looking for Jack Snipe on the Friday; Saturday will be preparing for our trip and Sunday off to Thailand.
We don't have a Jack Snipe pic (yet),
so this common will have to do for now.
The good news from Thailand is that a Spoonie has been photographed at Pak Thale where we hope to see them. The photo has been seen by Peter Ericsson, who told us straight away. I slept much better last night knowing this. Even so, this will be a needle in a haystack situation as there seems to be only one at the moment. These are fairly small birds and the area they inhabit is huge, wish us luck!

Spoon-billed Sandpiper

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