Monday 20 November 2017

WCWW4 final results and Roll of Honour

It seems like ages ago that we were sitting in trepidation waiting for emails to come in, and start to keep track of all the contributions as they arrived. At first it was slow, then the floodgates opened and it was time consuming to say the least to try to make sure every person and every bird in every location was recorded so none would be missed out. Let us know if we missed anything or anyone in the lists below. We have been somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of work this project has brought us and as a result the e-newsletter will not be finished until later this week. 

But here are the totals for this year .

2017 WCWW4
results (updated 27/11/2017)

Together we have seen 131 species

There have been 325 observers

In 35 countries

On 6 continents 

In all 9 flyways

(and one location outside any flyway)

Many thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble

 to take part and to show that they are aware of the 

crisis facing waders/shorebirds across the planet.

Well done!

The prize draw will take place later this week once we have checked again that everyone is included.

And here is a list of the species seen and the Roll of Honour.

Species                                                   Roll of Honour

African Jacana ALBANIA
Comb-crested Jacana Desislava Stefanova
Wattled Jacana Ivaylo Dimchev
Bronze-winged Jacana ANGUILLA
Pheasant-tailed Jacana Jackie Cestero
Greater Painted-Snipe ARGENTINA
Magellanic Oystercatcher Ángeles Loredo
Blackish Oystercatcher Rodney Furmston
American Oystercatcher AUSTRALIA
African Black Oystercatcher Amanda Lilleyman
Eurasian Oystercatcher Andrea Dennett
South Island Oystercatcher Bill Belson
Pied Oystercatcher Clive Garland
Variable Oystercatcher David Percival
Sooty Oystercatcher Debra Prestwood
Black-winged Stilt Demetrios Bertzeletos
White-headed Stilt Diane Lambert
Black-necked Stilt Dianne Bennett
White-backed Stilt Gavin O'Brien
Black Stilt Grace Maglio
Pied Avocet Hilary Thompson
American Avocet John Newman
Red-necked Avocet Kevin Smith
Eurasian Stone Curlew Lois Wooding
Water Thick-knee Mary Frost
Spotted Thick-knee Mike Clear
Beach Stone-curlew Peter Newbery
Collared Pratincole Rose Clear
Magellanic Plover Tiffanie Pearse
Northern Lapwing Zorica Komac
Blacksmith Lapwing BELGIUM
Spur-winged Lapwing Alicia Mottur
Crowned Lapwing Esfandir Mottur
African Wattled Lapwing Shahrzade Mottur
White-crowned Lapwing BRAZIL
Black-winged Lapwing Andrew Simpson
Grey-headed Lapwing Beatriz Blauth
Red-wattled Lapwing Bobby Wilcox
Masked Lapwing Bruno Lima
Black-shouldered Lapwing Bruno Neri
Southern Lapwing Edimara Blauth
European Golden Plover Fábio Barata
Pacific Golden Plover Karina Avila
American Golden Plover Yeddo Blauth
Grey Plover BULGARIA
Northern Red-breasted Plover Ralitsa Georgieva
Common Ringed Plover Vladimir Mladenov
Semipalmated Plover CHILE
Little Ringed Plover Jame Quesada
Long-billed Plover CHINA
Killdeer Katherine Leung
Piping Plover Li Jing
Kittlitz's Plover Lu Jianshu
Three-banded Plover Zhang Lin
White-fronted Plover COLOMBIA
Kentish Plover Alexander Morales
White-faced plover Jessica Suaréz
Snowy Plover Patricia Falk
Malaysian Plover CZECH REPUBLIC
Red-capped Plover Jan Bures
Collared Plover Jaromir Nachazel
Two-banded Plover Libor Schröpfer 
Double-banded Plover Martina Nachazelova
Lesser Sandplover ENGLAND
Greater Sand Plover Barry Yates
Wilson's Plover Ben Knights
Eurasian Dotterel Bernard Siddle
Hooded Dotterel Bryan Wearmouth
Black-fronted Dotterel Carol Watt
Red-kneed Dotterel Carole Davis
Wrybill Cathy Miller
Eurasian Woodcock Damian Money
American Woodcock David Smith
Jack Snipe Dawlish Warren Recording Group
African Snipe Elis Simpson
Common Snipe Geraldine Stockdale
Latham's Snipe Howard Stockdale
South American Snipe Inge Bristow
Short-billed Dowitcher Isaac Johnston
Long-billed Dowitcher Jake Harvey
Asian Dowitcher Janet Avery
Black-tailed Godwit Jenny Brightwell
Hudsonian Godwit Jez Simms
Bar-tailed Godwit Jill Black
Marbled Godwit Jodie Clements
Little Curlew John Belsey
Eurasian Whimbrel Karl Price
Hudsonian Whimbrel Lesley Collins
Eurasian Curlew Liz Huxley
Far Eastern Curlew Lloyd Evans
Long-billed Curlew Marcus Strandring
Spotted Redshank Marilyn Pritchard
Common Redshank Mark Bridges
Marsh Sandpiper Maureen Irvine
Common Greenshank Michael Copland
Nordmann's Greenshank Neil McMahon
Greater Yellowlegs Paul Davis
Lesser Yellowlegs Richard Parry
Green Sandpiper Rick Simpson
Solitary Sandpiper Rob Norris
Wood Sandpiper Rob Sheldon
Terek Sandpiper Roberta Goodall
Common Sandpiper Ruth Thomas
Spotted Sandpiper Scott Petrek
Grey-tailed Tattler Sophie Gibson
Willet Stephen Collins
Ruddy Turnstone Stephen Leatherdale
Black Turnstone Steve Grimwade
Great Knot Steven Halstead
Red Knot Tim Appleton
Semipalmated Sandpiper Neal Warnock
Western Sandpiper FRANCE
Red-necked Stint Adrien Chaigne
Little Stint Alan McBride
Least Sandpiper Alexis Poyade
Long-toed Stint André Dierickx
Temminck's Stint Caroline Robert
White-rumped Sandpiper Céline Senecault
Pectoral Sandpiper Céline Sitouze
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Chantal Costa
Curlew Sandpiper Coralie Bossu
Purple Sandpiper Cristina Albarracin
Dunlin Elie Denejean-Sitouze
Broad-billed Sandpiper Géraldine Leveneur
Spoon-billed Sandpiper Isabelle Bracco
Stilt Sandpiper Jaime Martinez
Buff-breasted Sandpiper Jean-Cyrille Notter
Ruff Jean-François Cornuaille
Grey Phalarope Jean-Marie Tichon
Snowy Sheathbill Jean-Pierre Baloche
Jérome Dubos
Laurent Brillard
Martin Riethmuller
Matthieu Saliman
Michel Yerokine
Michèle Marty
Mikael Alpha
Nathalie Maisonneuve
Nicolas Juillet
Nicolas Vitry
Pablo Corral
Patrice Deboisvilliers
Rodolphe Blin
Sandrine Idatte
Serge Garnier
Sylvain Poisblaud
Valentin Russeil
Avinash Sharma
Ritesh Dighe
Avi Livne (Weiss)
Avital Gil
Dan Sharon
Eldad Amir
Ilan Nassim Moriya
Iris Adar
Ori Davidor
Rony Livne
Shai Blitzblau
Shlomi Levi
Yossi Boaz
Rob Edmunds
Tomomi Kawasumi
Mohd Nurazmeel Bin Moktar
Shahril Fatihah Bin Hasnul Hafiz
David Henderson
Barbara Henderson
Zaim Hazim
Adin Vella
Alex Casha
Caldon Merceica
Charles Coleiro
Charles Gauci
Dennis Cachia
Edward Bonavia
Jonathan Pullicino
Luke Vella
Noel Camilleri
Sean Bonello
Timmy Micallef
Victor Cilia
Luis T. Quezada
Roberto Salazar Aragon
Chris Curtis
Chris Milligan
Gary Allport
James Dee
Ailsa Howard
Andrew Austin
Angel Parody-Merino
Bruce McKinlay
Jemma Welch
Rachel Hufton
Ria Migaloo
Hazel Watson
Ric Else
Joanna Burger
Michael Gochfeld
Rosabel Miró
Venicio Wilson
José Petters
Marko Fast
Oscar Rodríguez
Rob Clay
Sergio Ríos
Carlos Ruiz
Albert Balbutin
Annabelle Jereza
Bryan Ocampo
Cedric Labiano
Dexter Gamboa
Divina Diokno
Domingo Chico Jr.
Elizabeth Bello
Josiah David Quimpo
Katrina Mamparair
Kitty Amante
Mami C. Qi
Natividad Lacdan
Nattaya Ampanjan
Nic Abanador
Princess del Castillo
Roger Cabalce
Ronald Agahin
Rowell Macahilas
Sam Manalastas
Sean Melendres
Stephanie Lim
Alison O'Hara
Amy Griffin
Andrew Whitelee
Andy Wakelin
Erik Porter
Gary Turnbull
Harris Porter
Hugh Harrop
Iain Bennie
Joanna Peaker
Louise Clark
Penny Insole
Rachel MacKay-Austin
Emma Brand 
Gary Clewley
Haritz Sarasa Zabala
Helen Hipperson 
Louise Clewley
Amanda Walden
Brittany Arendse
Bruce Ward-Smith
Colin Summersgill
Dave Rimmer
Ian Gordon
Jenny Sharland
Mark Brown
Mike Bridgeford
Niall Perrins
Peter Rosewarne
Peter Sharland
Robert Wienand
Sue Oertli
Honor Prentice
Oskar Löfgren
Nick Upton
Peter Ericsson
Andrew Magee
Becky Bowen
Betsy Higgins
Brodie Cass Talbot
Carole Griffiths
Dave McLain
Devin Griffiths
Elena Coffey
Frank Hanlik
Gary Cowell
Geoff LeBaron
George Gove
Georgia Feild
Gina Nichol
Harry Newman
Jesse Brownback
Leslie Hoffmann
Lynne Shapiro
Mary Heerema
Meg Rousher
Miles Tomlinson
Nancy Meyer-Lustman
Neil Solomon
Pat Egan
Peter Allison
Suzannah Hansley
Winston Bowen
Dan Rouse
Unnamed participants
49 persons


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