Wednesday 15 June 2016

Grey Plover Breeding locations confirmed!

Over the past week, both Nad and Charlie have settled down near the northern coast of Sakha (Yakutia) Republic and we can now finally confirm that they are at their breeding site.

Nad’s and Charlie’s reached breeding site

Nad’s breeding location near Lake Bustakh in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Russia
Nad’s breeding location is just 35km from the north coast of Sakha Republic, very close to a large freshwater lake called Lake Bustakh.

About 600km away, Charlie is breeding at a relatively more inland location about 75km from the coast. The breeding site is surrounded by three small lakes with an area of less than 1km2  close to a river about 3km in the west.

They are likely to stay around the breeding location with no significant movements until several weeks time. We hope that the transmitters will continue to operate and show us their southward migration journey.

Charlie’s breeding location in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Russia

On the other hand we also received good news from CYA and CYB, the South Australia Grey Plovers carrying satellite transmitters put on by Maureen Christie and the FoSSE team. Although they spent their non-breeding season further south than Nad and Charlie in South Australia, CYA and CYB are now breeding further north than them on Wrangel Island, sharing the area with Snow Goose, Reindeer and much other arctic wildlife.

CYA and CYB breeding locations on Wrangel Island.

 The migration route of the southern birds is shown in the map below:

Distance travelled by our Grey Plover since departing Broome:
Leg Flag
Distance travelled

The Grey Plover project team:
Katherine Leung
Clive Minton
Ken Gosbell
Chris Hassell
Grace Maglio
Inka Veltheim
Maureen Christie
Tony Flaherty
Reece Pedler
Roger Standen
Roz Jessop
Graham Parkyn
Eric Miller
Ila Marks
Vivien Holyoake
11 June 2016

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