Friday 20 May 2016

Norfolk Bird & Wildlife Fair - this weekend

It is the Norfolk Bird and Wildlife Fair this weekend and of course Wader Quest will be there.

We have a stand in the marquee (Nº 29) which we hope you will have the time to stop at for a chat, buy one of our small affordable items to help with our fundraising and of course, if you haven't already joined us, to sign up as a Friend of Wader Quest. We hope too that some of you will take this opportunity to renew your subscription!

We will be giving two talks this year.

On Saturday at 12:45 we will be talking about The Deceitful Lapwing investigating how this noble and feisty bird may have come by this unfortunate slur on its character.

On Sunday at 13:45 we will be talking about The Endemic Waders of New Zealand among which there is a unique plover and the world's rarest wader!

After our talk on Sunday the Norfolk Bird Race Team will be presenting Wader Quest with a cheque for £1,664.10 the fantastic total raised by this wonderful event.

This ceremony will be followed by the presentation of the winning team with the Bird Race Cup. The Wader Quest team will not be receiving this coveted prize (our team of Rick and Elis Simpson, Oliver Simms and Captain Dan Bradbury, brought up the rearguard action coming a creditable 5th... out of 5 teams), it will go to the Tit Flock team from the Next Generation Birders ably captained by Jake Gearty, with team members Alex Berryman, Drew Lyness, Michael Murphy and Dan McGib

David Tomlinson, one of the original bird racers and something of a legend, will be there to present the trophy to the winners.

The book about the original race.
(That's David bottom right the other chap you may also recognise)

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