Wednesday 13 April 2016

JustGiving and Thunderclap for the Norfolk Bird Race.

The donations are coming in slowly but surely onto the JustGiving site set up for the Norfolk Bird Race. If you haven't done so already and wish to support this event and ultimately Wader Quest too then visit the JustGiving site here:

Using all the tools of technology available to him Andrew Whitelee has set up a Thunderclap event on facebook. By signing up to it you will help us to reach many more people on the day of the race and hopefully some of them will feel inclined to donate too. You can support the Thunderclap here:

Don't forget. Any donation of £5.00 or over will get a free year's membership as a Friend of Wader Quest and your name (if you have not donated anonymously) will be entered into a prize draw to win a wonderful signed poster by Lars Jonsson of winter birds in Scandinavia.

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