Friday 5 February 2016

Vote for Magellanic Plover on Arkive

Calling all Friends, Sponsors and supporters of Wader Quest.

We call upon you to vote for the Magellanic Plover that we have nominated for 

World’s Favourite Underappreciated Species

A project for Valentine's Day, show your love for the Maggies.

In order to cast your vote for this amazing and little understood species you just need to:
  • go to the link below, 
  • scroll down until you find the Magellanic Plover photo
  • click on Vote now
  • add your email address (only one vote per person)
  • answer the location questions (Country state/county)
  • select a Why do you love this species answer from menu (suggest because it is poorly known/mysterious)
  • confirm your vote.
It's that easy, no writing, just selecting from drop down menus; simple. Let's see the Magellanic Plover become just a little better known and hopefully that will help us to raise money to study it further and if necessary, protect it.

Show your love for the Magellanic Plover 
by giving it your vote.

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