Saturday 28 November 2015

Wash Wader Festival - Waderfest

The weather once more vied against us as a clear crisp morning turned into a blowy day under leaden skies. Although this may have put some off from venturing out what it did for us was to persuade those that did, to congregate in the only shelter on Titchwell Marsh, the Parrinder hide where we just happened to be installed.

Wader Quest / RSPB display in the Parrinder hide.

We got to meet some lovely people including some from Hemel Hempstead RSPB local group with whom we will be sharing an evening on the 7th of December.

Parrinder hide well populated with Birdwatching Magazine, Wader Quest and RSPB displays on the left and Rick Simpson talking to the Hemel Hempstead RSPB group on the right. Photo: Dan Bradbury.

The day didn't start well for wader lovers when a Peregrine swooped in a took a Northern Lapwing.

A sad sight for wader lovers, especially those among us who hold the lapwing in special regard. Nature in the raw a Peregrine flies off with its prey, a lapwing, in its talons.

There were plenty of Ruff around although the water levels are rising on the fresh marsh. A small flock of Dunlins scooted around from place to place and from time to time was joined by at least 2 Red Knots.

A smattering of Black-tailed Godwits, a few Northern Lapwings with a group of Eurasian Golden Plovers were seen as well as a couple of Common Snipe. Dan Bradbury came along at short notice to paint in the hide and talk to people about his techniques and concentrated on a small flock of Pied Avocets. 

Dan Bradbury creating a mixed medium artwork of Pied Avocets.

Back at the visitor centre the Wash Wader Ringing Group made a presentation of the crucial work they carry out in the wash.

Wash Wader Ringing Group information.
Wash Wader ringers: Ruth Walker, Robert Pell, Lysbeth Muirhead, Sam Franks.

It was good to see two of our Trustees join us, Chris Lamsdell and Denise and Allan Archer and Denise and we wish to thank a couple of volunteers for their help today, firstly Wader Quest volunteer Ian Dearing who braved the cold to meet and greet people to tell them where we were situated  ...

Ian Dearing braving the elements to meet and greet visitors.

and the charming and helpful Harriet O'Shea an RSPB volunteer who got the short straw and was assigned to us for the day.

RSPB volunteer Harriet O'Shea studying the field guide, hopefully looking at the waders?

We hope to have a good attendance tomorrow as well, so if you are in Norfolk, come along and see us in the Parrinder hide at RSPB Titchwell Marsh.


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