Sunday 26 July 2015

Some cheering news; Ringed Plover chicks.

On one of our recent trips we found a Common Ringed Plover nest with four eggs in it on an unprotected public beach.

Adult female Common Ringed Plover Charadrius hiaticula on the nest

We were obviously greatly concerned about this nest as there was nothing we could realistically do to protect it.

We were therefore pleased to hear that at least two chicks have now been seen on the beach; here is a photo taken of one of them.

One of the recently hatched chicks. Photo Andy Field.

We therefore now don't have to worry so much about the eggs being trodden on, but the big danger now is going to be off lead dogs.

Adult male Ringed Plover sheltering two chicks. Photo: Dougal Urquhart

We will keep you posted as to their progress or otherwise.

Adult male Ringed Plover. Photo: Dougal Urquhart

The first Sanderlings of the winter to arrive in a variety of plumages from breeding  (left) to approaching non-breeding plumage (right). 
Photo: Dougal Urquhart

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