Sunday 25 January 2015

Terrific Trustees' meeting.

You can read that title to mean that it was terrific meeting or, that the Trustees are terrific; both are true.

The Wader Quest power house of Allan Archer, Lee Dingain, Chris Lamsdell, David Lindo and Rachel Walls (with apologies from Oliver Simms) were all together in one room with the addition of Sue Healy from REGUA in Brazil and Vanesa Palacio from Extremadura in Spain both of whom came along as guests for this meeting.
The dynamic Wader Quest Board of Trustees (L to R) Lee Dingain, Rachel Walls (Secretary), Chris Lamsdell, Rick Simpson (Chair; standing), Allan Archer, Sue Healey (guest) Elis Simpson (Treasurer, standing), Vanesa Palacio (guest) and David Lindo.

We discussed a wide range of topics from 'what we have achieved' to 'where we are going' and left the London Wetland Centre all pretty much of one accord while Elis and I came away with a positive glow about Wader Quest's future.

A big thank you to  the team for giving up their Sunday to help us build the organisation into a worthwhile and workable entity, without their positive and constructive outlook on things we would soon stagnate, but, thanks to them, Wader Quest remains dynamic and forward looking.

We look forward to developing the ideas that arose from the meeting and building a stronger more significant wader conservation organisation equipped to deal with the problems that waders are increasingly facing around the world.

We are very grateful to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust for allowing us to use one of their meeting rooms for this crucial meeting.

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