Wednesday 10 December 2014

Another successful evening and talk with the Milton Keynes Natural History Society

Continuing with the series of successful talks we are giving to clubs and societies last night we attended the meeting of the Milton Keynes Natural History Society. Quite recently we had given a talk about Wader Quest and some of our experiences of the waders around the world at the North Bucks RSPB local group meeting at the same venue. This led one or two people to assume that the talk would be the same and as a result they only attended one or the other, which was a shame because we, being conscious of this possibility, gave a different talk last night about the plovers of the world, again largely through our own experiences, called Plover Lover's World of Delights. Despite this there was an excellent turnout and the reception we received from the MKNHS was generous and warm, we immediately felt among friends and wish to thank all who braved the inclement weather and came out to hear what we had to say especially those who had attended the previous talk and came to listen to us again.

In our talks we try to bring a combination of factors together. We naturally want to beat the drum for wader conservation, so inevitably there is some gloom and doom, but there are good news stories too that give us good reason for optimism. In addition travelling the world can bring some interesting, if not amusing, incidents which we like to share with the audience in a light hearted way; as well as disseminating information and news we do try to make the talks entertaining as well.

Wrap all this up with some rather splendid photos that Elis has taken and we hope that the package is an agreeable evening for anyone with an interest in wildlife in its many and varied forms.

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