Wednesday 3 September 2014

Wader Quest will be at the Falsterbo Bird Show this weekend!

We are visiting the Falsterbo Bird Show for the first time this year. At last year's British Bird Fair we were approached by two ladies from the event who invited us to give a talk there, an offer that we readily accepted. We will also have a small stand with all the usual Wader Quest paraphernalia.

Although the Dutch Bird Fair was not well attended (by their own standards) we have received a great deal of support from the Dutch birders that we did manage to reach and we feel that our presence there was wholly worthwhile; now we hope to repeat this success in Sweden.

The event is over three days (5th to 7th September). On the Saturday (6th) we will be giving a talk about Wader Quest (15.40) and hope that we'll be able to get our message across suffciently to persuade some to donate and others to become sponsors.

Another Wader Quest talk spreading the word about wader conservation.
This show has been running for a number of years developing from the annual Honey Buzzard Day which was first celebrated in 1992. Each year the event gets bigger and is better attended and the fact that we are there with others from outside Sweden shows that the event is developing a more international flavour.

Our pins have been very popular with examples now being sold on ebay for five times the price we sell them for! Wader Quest collectables really are just that now, collectable, which is very satisfying. Having said that, collecting bird pins did not seem to be regular pastime in The Netherlands, let's see what the interest is in Sweden. Here are the pins in case you haven't seen them.

In addition to the pins we now have some other items for sale including our own exclusive earrings with Hooded Plovers and characterful Spoon-billed Sandpiper figures which too have proved very popular.

Wader Quest exclusive 'Hoody' earrings
We also have a selection of wader earrings that are made from recycled materials that are otherwise not available in Europe yet.

Top: Semipalmated Plover, Piping Plover,
Bottom: Red Knot, American Avocet, American Woodcock.
However well our merchandising is received, we have found that serious birders, wherever they are from, appreciate the need for conservation. They may not all be able to commit their time and energy to devoting their lives to it as Elis and I seem to have done without making any conscious decision to do so, (it just sort of happened!), but they feel that they can contribute by sponsoring, making donations or purchasing merchandise and that is the sort of support we need and appreciate.

Part of the Wader Quest collectables family, 'Spoony' figures.
If you are ineterested in any of these items and not attending an event or talk at which we will be displaying out wares, please feel free to contact us by email for details;

Falsterbo, Sweden, here we come and we are greatly looking forward to it!

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