Sunday 24 August 2014

Dutch Bird Fair - Day 2

Contrary to expectations, today was slower than yesterday, The weather was better, although it rained a bit in the morning, and there were more people through the gate, but interest in our stand was slower than yesterday with us taking about half of yesterday's total. Nevertheless it was a pleasant day and we met some interesting people, not least among them Gerrit Gerritson of the Dutch wader ringing group. He told us some interesting facts about Dutch waders and their link to cheese, which we hope he'll put into a guest blog some time in the future.

The stand. Today we risked the table cloths as rain was not forcast.

We arrived very early and got set up with time to spare.

The stand ready and waiting for the visitors.

So, a little walk gave us a better idea of the surroundings of the fair itself with a large lake at the back which the optics stands overlooked. Just before the fair opened a White-tailed Eagle flew over but didn't linger long.

The lake from a hide.

It was good to see our friends Roy and Anja of the Agami Photo Agency for the last time, they had to leave the fair early to go to the Ajax game in Amsterdam!

Anja and Roy on the Agami stand.

There were some large camera shaped frames which were supposed to give the impression of lookin at the screen of the camera, very effective...

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until some buffoon mucks it up by stepping out of it!

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Off to Denmark tomorrow for a rest and some fun with friends from Brazil (and Denmark of course).

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