Wednesday 21 May 2014

Latest on the Little Curlews

Inka Veltheim has sent the following update in the Little Curlew migration:

Since the last update there have been some interesting developments in the Little Curlew migration. 

Little Curlew 131945 (BD) has moved  further north, crossed the Yellow Sea, and is currently stopping over inland near the town of Wanglaotun (province of Jilin). This bird appears to be using an agricultural area. 

Map: Australian Wader Study Group
Little Curlews 131943 (BC) and 131947 (BB) are also at stop over locations at the moment. Interestingly, 131943 (BC) made a slight diversion to the south east and is now on the coast of an island just south of Sulawesi. 

Map: Australian Wader Study Group

Individual 131947 (BB) has made it further north and is staging on the coast of a small island of  Pa-chao, south west Wangan township, between Taiwan and the Chinese coast.

Map: Australian Wader Study Group
The distance moved so far by each of the Little Curlew is no small feat: 131945 (BD), which left Roebuck Plains in mid-April, has now flown approximately 7000 km; 131947 (BB) has moved 5000 km and 131943 (BC) some 2500 km. This is equivalent to roughly 166, 118 and 59 marathons respectively!

Map: Australian Wader Study Group
We are now waiting with interest for all three to take off again, and continue their journey towards the breeding grounds. Stay tuned.

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