Saturday 26 April 2014

We got those Dotterels!

That's more like it! Never mind climbing hills after an all-night drive to the far flung corners of England. This is how I had hoped to see Eurasian Dotterel last year on our Wader Quest travelling project.

News broke of three Eurasian Dotterels being seen near Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire, so Elis and I pottered up there and, after just a short, level walk with not the slightest of inclines from the car, there they were. Three dotterels, one male and two luscious females.

OK, the down side was the distance from which we had to observe them, last year's birds at the top of Pendle Hill were very confiding and Elis got excellent photographs of them at close range. These birds never came closer than 100 metres while we were there so we only got record shots.

One of last year's birds on Pendle Hill.

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