Wednesday 16 April 2014

Correction to post about New Zealand Dotterels.

John Dowding in New Zealand has commented on my post about the New Zealand Dotterels and I wanted to make the following clear by way of a correction. I wrote:

"One thing that puzzles conservationists is that almost all the population growth has been on the east coast of the North Island, on the west coast it is more or less static. Even within the east coast group the growth is not uniform across the area, there are two areas where most of the increase has been seen..."

John commented:

It's not really a puzzle. The equation is a simple one for New Zealand Dotterels - if you manage them, they increase, if you don't they decline gradually. The increase on the east coast is because that's where virtually all the management occurs. And the two areas where the increase has been greatest is exactly where the intensity of management is greatest.

Thanks for clearing that up John with apologies. 


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