Tuesday 25 February 2014

The South Africans are at it again!

Yesterday we had another donation from South Africa and once again it was our friends at Wader Quest South Africa that were involved.

I discovered that the donation that Peter Sharland made recently was on behalf of his sister, Sue Oertli in honour of her birthday. Well yesterday was Peter's birthday and guess what? Sue has reciprocated! These two have done so much for Wader Quest between them, with the help of Jenny, Peter's wife, they have raised over £700 for the Spoonies not to mention sponsoring our trip to their region and now they are boosting our Hoodies appeal too. I bless the day these good folk entered our lives.
Jenny S.                              Megan S.                                                             Sue O.                  Peter S.
If you have ever asked;
          'What do you give to someone who has everything for their birthday?' the answer has to be;
          'A donation to Wader Quest of course!' (Not that I'm suggesting Peter and Sue have everything you understand, it's just a figure of speech.)

Hooded Plovers Thinornis rubricollis; a sight for sore eyes on a beach in Victoria, Australia. September 2013
We heard from Paul Sullivan of BirdLife Australia in his comment today on the last blog that Hooded Plovers were returning to beaches after 10 year absence. This is fantastic news and a credit to the hard working staff and volunteers.

If you have always wanted to contribute to a conservation project, but didn't know which one deserved your generosity, then look no further, this is it.

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