Tuesday 4 February 2014

Another donation.

Thanks to Mikko S. and Anu P. for their recent donations, they made the 98th and 99th donations to our cause, will you be the 100th?

We have managed to extend our time for collecting for the WWT until the end of March, so although we have met our target we can still accept donations.

Although we didn't get any decent photographs of the spoonies on this trip to Thailand it is worth looking back at our experiences with this lovely little bird.

Our first views of the spoonies were against the light at a fair distance.
Not the greatest of shots, but we were thrilled just to see them.
But as we spent more time with them we managed to get slightly better shots in better light.

Eventually our patience paid off when two of them came and sat near to us on the bank.

We then had the privilege to visit the young birds at Slimbridge and although the conditions were not good for photography we were at least able to record our visit.
One of the juveniles at Slimbridge.
So then it was back to Thailand to finish the travelling part of Wader Quest and, although we saw spoonies on every day, we didn't get close or long enough views of them to get any photographs in decent light conditions. We did manage a few minutes of filming in poor light and from that we managed to get at least one record still.

We tried and failed to see the released bird at Khok Kham

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