Thursday 9 January 2014

Talk at Worcs and Malvern RSPB local group.

Last night Elis and I had the pleasure of meeting the members of the Worcs and Malvern RSPB local group and to give them our Wader Quest talk.

It was a good sized group with about 50 members attending the talk and they proved to be very generous too with a total of £92.56 received in donations and sales. We were pleased to be able to offer a copy of Confessions of a Bird Guide and a Wader Quest 2014 calendar as prizes for the raffle.

Since making the last heartfelt appeal for help, Wader Quest has received a spate of generous donations. I can't honestly say my £1.00 challenge idea has really taken off, but people have still been very generous. We have received donations from Finland (2), the USA(3), the UAE(1) and from the UK(4) and two from South Africa which are part of Sue Oertli's Gaunteng Challenge with more to come we are told!

This has been a fantastic response so thank you all very much, Wader Quest really is beginning to have an  international feel to it joining, not just nations, but continents to protect waders around the world!

The message sent with one of these donations, from someone signing themselves as matt, was as follows:

The salt pan is unbearably hot - in the scope a little wader asleep, bill tucked under wing... then briefly it wakes, revealing a perfect little spatula - matt
Dozing Spoon-billed Sandpiper with two Red-necked Stints in the foreground.
This short and succinct phrase really captures the atmosphere at Pak Thale, I can almost see the heat haze in my mind's eye and imagine the excitment of that split second moment. Your first sighting of a Spoon-billed Sandpiper will stay with you forever!

With the money collected for the spoonies last night and an additional £10 that was pressed into my hand by Mr and Mrs J Hardy of Newport Pagnell this morning we reach the point where we need just £463.23 to reach our target - so a big thank you once again to everyone who has contributed so far.

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