Tuesday 28 January 2014

Chambal River India.

We have received another donation from a man we met on the ferry across the River Gambia a couple of weeks ago, Juha Saikkonen, who was with a group of tourists from Finland. Thanks very much to him for the donation and for listening to our story on the crossing. His generous donation has taken us to 96% of our target and less than £100 to go! Here is the answer to your question about the Egyptian Plovers Juha...
Egyptian Plover, Basse, The Gambia January 2014
Meanwhile, back in India, on the second morning we headed for the Chambal River at Dholpur. One of the birds that had captured my imagination from the outset of Wader Quest was the River Lapwing and we very quickly enjoyed excellent views of this fantastic bird, crest and all.
River Lapwing; Chambal River, India.
However, the other two species that we were hoping for did not materialise, Great Thick-knee and Small Pratincole. Could it be that River Lapwing was to turn out to be our last species of the quest?

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