Sunday 1 December 2013

We still need your help!!

At the end of January 2014 we will be handing over the money we have raised for the Spoon-billed Sandpiper captive breeding programme to the WWT. Our target is to have reached £3,000 by then.
Probably the cutest chick in all chickdom.
Photo: Tim Ireland
That target is looming on the horizon but somehow seems ever more distant and less acheivable than ever, time is running out for us.
Our first Spoonie
With the money we raised at the North-West Birdwatching Festival, and donations from two individuals. H.G. Simpson and Nick Green, we have added £110.00 in recent weeks, but we are still well short of where we should be.
Spoonie chick.
Photo: Paul Marshall.

So here's our plea to you all, go around to all your friends, family and colleagues, cadge a quid off each, they won't miss it, put it all together and make a donation on the JustGiving site.

We are £878 short of our target, so by my estimation it would only take 44 people with 20 acquaintances to get us where we want to be and make a decent contribution to the captive breeding programme, the safety net of a species in peril.
Nigel Jarrett and Nicky Hiscock of WWT carefully work with precious spoonie eggs.
Photo: Sacha Dench
We vow to be one of those 44 even though we have already hassled everyone we know more than once, we'll go again, so we just need 43 of you out there in this big wide world full of birders to help us out and find £20 among your circle of friends and acquaintances, you can make it a donation from your bird club, school, University, work place or from you as an individual the choice is yours.
Spoonie chick.
Photo: Tim Ireland.
Remember that the contribution can be in dollars (US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canadian and Australian), Euros and even United Arab Emirates Dirham, you don't have to live in the UK to do this, so check out the JustGiving site by clicking on this image...

We and the spoonies are counting on your support, get that money in now before it is all spent on Christmas festivities.
Spoonies at Slimbridge.
Photo: WWT
Thanks to everyone who has already donated, we are very grateful, we wouldn't be this close without your support.
Our favourite Spoonie moment. Pak Thale, Thailand.
So spoonie lovers everywhere, those that have seen one and especially those that someday hope to see one, lets have a last push and reach that target together.
Thanks everyone!
Photo: Peter Ericsson.

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