Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year to one and all!

Elis and I would like to thank everyone that has been involved in our Wader Quest in 2013. There are so many people and organisations that have contributed to our cause in so many ways that we are nervous about listing them individually; firstly because it would take up so much space but secondly because it would be inevitable that someone would be missed and everyone who has helped in whatever capacity should be included in what has been a fantastic year for us.

So, to all those that have donated,  to those who have given us valuable advice, to all those that have given up their time to guide us, to those who have sponsored our journeys by paying for transport or accommodation or simply not charging for it, to those who have given us discounts, to those who have simply been friends who have been there for us when things got difficult, to our family who have supported us even in our darkest times, to facebook followers and tweeters who have helped us spread the message of wader conservation, to those who have given us space in their newspaper or magazine columns, to those who have filmed us, to those who have interviewed us for radio programmes, to those who have opened the doors of their schools to us, to those who have supported our talk programme and /or attended our talks, to those who have helped us arrange our travel plans, to those who have offered constructive criticism, to those who have entered our competitions, to those have who bought our products; we say thank you very much!

Any charity is only as strong as its suporters and you have all been instrumental in supporting us in the last twelve months at the beginning of a long journey continuing to champion wader conservation. You know who you are and we want you to know we appreciate it.

We would also like to extend an extra big THANK YOU to our friends Peter and Jenny Sharland and Sue Oertli of Wader Quest South Africa for their friendship and generosity this year during our trip to South Africa. Botswana and Namibia. Their continuous support during the year has made such a difference to us and we wish Sue well with ther Gauteng Challenge in 2014 especially the wader searching part which will continue to support Wader Quest's goal to raise funds for wader conservation projects.

In loving memory of David Hugh Simpson April 17th 1949 - May 15th 2013.


  1. Happy New Year, and thanks for all you've done for shorebirds this year. Hope to get to bird with you both in 2014!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Rick and for your support throughout the year. A very Happy New Year to you too! It'd be great to do some birding with you in 2014, not sure yet exactly how this would happen, but where there's a will there's a way! :-)