Thursday 17 October 2013

Nearly £2,000 received in donations!

We are just £61.63p short of the £2,000 mark on our donations counter.

Do you think you could help us reach this milestone before setting off on the next leg of our Wader Quest to Brazil and Chile next Tuesday?

Spoon-billed Sandpiper chick... how can you resist? This was one of the first
birds hatched at Slimbridge.
Picture by Tim Ireland and supplied by WWT
We are going to give a talk at the Festival Brasileiro das Aves Migratórias (Brazilian Migratory Bird Festival) and hope to spread the word among Brazilian ornithologists, birders, conservationists, and wildlife enthusiasts in general about what is happening to the birds that come and visit them each year from the far north.

Eurasian Dotterel: Pendle Hill, Lancashire, UK, May 2013.
Our latest donation that brought us so close came from the kindness of Jeremy Squire who asked West Lancashire Wildlife (WLW) to donate his speaker's fee to us, a most gracious act of generosity. Apparently the plan was concocted over a libation or two shared with Graham Clarkson whom we met at our Eurasian Dotterel twitch at Pendle Hill. Thanks to them both and to David Taylor of the WLW who actually made the donation on Jeremy's behalf on the justgiving site.

It only takes 62 of you to give a quid each and we're there, or 31 to give a couple of quid etc, you get the picture, go on, put a smile on our faces!

Here's another picture to remind you of what it's all about. The more we donate the better the chances are of converting a chick in a captive population to a free flying population in the wild. That's got to be worth a quid or two... right?

Spoon-billed Sandpiper: Pak Thale Thailand, November 2012.
While on the subject of donations, we would like to congratulate Wader Quest South Africa for the magnificent start they have made and the money they have raised for the Spoonies. Including the money that was donated when we were there at an event organised by WQSA, they have raised a tremendous £220.00 having given two talks already since we left in September; keep up the good work team SA!

Wader Quest South Africa: (L -R) Megan Sharland, Kim Oertli, Jenny Sharland,
Peter Sharland and Sue Oertli. A great team.


  1. Just you ever attempt to measure the impact of the environmental footprint of all this travelling, measured objectively against the good it achieves?

  2. Hi David, thanks for your comment; please see reply to all on A Full set of Avocets!