Thursday 30 May 2013

Lima, Peru.

Slightly disappointing start to our trip to Peru when we dipped on Peruvian Thick-knee, we did manage to open our Peruvian wader account though with some old favourites; American Oystercatcher and Killdeer, plus some small groups of Hudsonian Whimbrels.

American Oystercatcher, a bit more obliging than its northern cousins!
Killdeer, it's not often that I've seen them on sandy beaches
Hudsonian Whimbrels
We are being looked after our good friend Renzo Zeppilli during our stay in Peru. Renzo is a fantastic bird guide and knows many places off the beaten track that visiting guides are not be aware of, being local his knowledge of the birdlife around Lima and indeed all over Peru is impressive.

Renzo is good company as well as a good guide, always cheerful.
Although our search for the thick-knees was unsuccessful, it was more due to human disturbance than anything else. The areas where this bird is traditionally to be seen are under construction or renovation, as Renzo so eloquently puts it, "Peru is under construction".

Work being carried out at the thick-knee site in Lima.
Our last visit of the the day was to Villa Marshes Wildlife  Refuge where we found the waders when we visited a coastal lagoon set back behind a sandy ridge forming a beach. The beach itself is protected as it forms part of a refuge and formerly it was used for recreation as many beaches are, horseriding, quadbiking and much else besides used to carry on where the oystercatchers and Killdeers now breed.

Sign advising people that riding of horses, quadbikes and
motorbikes is prohibited because of nesting birds.
Horses are still exercised along the beach however, but they tend to restrict themselves to the water's edge and avoid the reserve area, which is good to see. This is also not the breeding season, but one group or horses did come pretty close to  pair of oystercatchers who were not best pleased.

Oystercatchers and horses having to share a beach.

Oystercatchers on the beach the way we prefer to see them.

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