Sunday 26 May 2013

Back in Brazil

We predicted that the first wader we would see in Brazil would be Southern Lapwing and probably at the airport before we even left the plane. However we had forgotten that it would be dark at 5:30 in S.E. Brazil at this time of year. Although we did look for them in the airport lights we were unlucky, but soon caught up with them along the approach road to the airport.

The incredibly handsome Southern Lapwing.

We witnessed a bit of a skirmish

We then drove down to our favourite swamp at the side of the road on Mogi das Cruzes and there we saw some more Southern Lapwings, this time in light that allowed photography and the second species for the trip, Wattled Jacana with a few striking adults and some full grown drab looking juveniles.

Adult Wattled Jacana

A juvenile displaying its wing pattern. this bird was prone
to fits of activity dashing hither and yon spreading its wings
and changing direction suddenly, very strange.

Juvenile Wattled Jacana


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