Tuesday 16 April 2013

Resumption of Wader Quest

Officially Wader Quest has resumed.

Between now and the 25th of April when we go to the USA we will be in the UK and if any Stone Curlews, Eurasian Dotterels, Red-necked Phalaropes or Spotted Redshanks turn up within a reasonable distance (not very far in the case of the 'Spotshank') then we'll endeavour to see them.We did see the Stone Curlew in Bucks the other week, but of course it doesn't count towards our total as we were still on our break. It kept its distance and the heat haze was terrible, and also incredible since it was so flippin' cold!

Stone Curlew, Gallows Bridge Farm, Bucks. UK. April 2013.

There has been a run of Dotterel the last few days, but we live in hope that one or two will turn up at their traditional stop over spots in the fens. The early arrivals of Stone Curlew met with some ferocious weather and many were reported dead, lets hope that enough survived to keep the small UK population going.

As for Red-necked Phalaropes, there have been none yet, but we hope we'll get one on passage somewhere rather than have to go to Shetland or further afield in the summer. Spotted Redshanks are of course being reported regularly so I expect we'll bump into one before long without having to make a special journey.

Spotted Redshank, Titchwell, Norfolk, UK. August 2012.

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