Sunday 20 January 2013

Let's try to make it £1000 by the time we should have been back from Australia/New Zealand!!!!

We were due to fly to Australia tonight (looks like we would have had a terrible journey anyway) moving on to New Zealand and then back to Australia before returning to the UK.

We have received £777 so far, which is fantastic, thank you to everyone who has donated (see list below). Let's see if we can make it to £1000 by the time we should have got back from our trip on the 22nd of February!

Empty your piggy banks; check down the side of the sofa; ask the boss for a raise; give up smoking/drinking/gambling or any other expensive habit (doesn't include eating); sell your television; do a car boot sale (in the snow? Is he mad?); rob a... no, wait, don't go that far. Anything you can think of that will raise a little money that you can donate to save the Spoon-billed Sandpiper would be fantastic. These are hard time we know but the world financial crisis is not the spoonie's fault. (We accept banker's bonuses!)

Just think. If you and everyone you know just gave a couple of pounds, we'd soon be on our way.

So Please! Find a few quid for the spoonies.

Visit the just giving website or click on the "CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND SAVE A SPOONIE" link on the right margin of this page and give as much as you can. Thank you!


Thank you to all those listed below who have donated so far.

Anonymous: Here's a start for you good luck!!
Red Knot.
Juha Honkala: A great challenge for a great cause! I hope 2013 will be successful for Spoon-billed Sandpiper and you two as well. Good luck Rick and Elis!
Terek Sandpiper.
Arthur Grosset: Good luck Rick and Elis. Looking forward to finding out how many species you manage to see
Eurasian Curlew.
Martin: Good Luck! I hope to see you protecting the Waders!
Short-billed Dowitcher.
Pawasut Chatmaleerat: Great, as a thai citizen it'd be great to see the last refuge of the waders protected.
Black-tailed Godwit.
Jeremy Minns: Good luck and I look forward to seeing Elis' photo of a spoonie.
Collared Plover.
John Thatcher:
Red-necked Stint.
Ruth Miller and Alan Davies: Good luck Wader Quest! We will be cheering you on. Alan and Ruth
Purple Sandpiper.
Lee and Rachel: Wishing you the very best of luck with your Wader Quest. It's a great idea and we'll be checking out the blog regularly.
Oliver Simms: Good luck. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
Chrissie: Very best of luck with your venture and look forward to reading about it.
Grey Plover.
Gyorgy Szimuly: I'm happy to donate your initiative even if this is a minor amount. It could be considerably more if many of us would donate.
White-faced Plover.

Olli Haukkovaara: I'm also happy to donate and I hope that Spoon-billed Sandpiper will survive from extinction. Keep up the good work Rick and Elis!
Red-wattled Lapwing.
Jeff Skrentny: Please accept this modest donation with hopes your work makes a difference soon enough. It remains a dream see a Spoon-billed Sandpiper in the wild.
Black-winged Stilt.
Bruce Lombardo: Keep up the good work, Rick. I saw a spoonie once. He was a little lost on the east coast of the U.S. during migration. Please save them. Good luck!
White-tailed Lapwing.
Common Redshank.
The Grey Phalarope family (Graham, Helly and Katie Horrocks): Good luck with the Quest.
Grey Phalarope.
Bill, Nancy and Robin: Cash donations
'Rocky' the Piping Plover and Western Sandpiper.
Dave and Norma Park: Thanks for your recent help with our trip to Brazil. Good luck with Waderquest.
Southern Lapwing.
Adrian and Pat Childs: Good luck with spoon-billed sandpiper quest. Pat & Adrian Childs.
White-rumped Sandpiper.
Sue Smith: Enjoyed your talk on Wader Quest and Spoonbill Conservation tonight at the San Diego Field Ornithologists' meeting. Good luck with WaderQuest.
Wandering Tattler.
Janice Nordenberg: Enjoyed meeting you in San Diego and learning about Wader Quest. I hope to see a Spoonie in Thailand when I visit there. Best wishes
Hudsonian Whimbrel, Marbled Godwit and the back end of a 'Western' Willet.
Ian Simpson: Best of luck with your spoonie quest Ric & Elis!! Cheers,
Sociable Lapwing.
David and Claire Simpson: Great work! Good luck with the Wader Quest!
Spoon-billed Sandpiper.
Marc Hughes: Good to meet you at the P Sands. Good luck with the quest. My son, Aled is doing a talk on S-p sandpipers in school next week, inspired by your story.
Rock Sandpiper.

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