Thursday 29 November 2012

Bonus bird on the way to the airport.

There are benefits to getting up very early in the morning, not many I'll grant you, but among them is most definitely seeing Eurasian Woodcock fly across the road.

As we drove down the M40 the bird flew across from left to right, as it went over the right embankment it suddenly stalled in flight, I thought for an instant it had been shot it pulled up so suddenly, but it then circled around and down behind the embankment. This unexpected sighting brings the Wader Quest list to 55.

The journey to Miami was not very agreeable, the flight was delayed by three hours. The fact that we arrived very early at the airport (5.5 hours early) meant we spent almost the whole day at terminal 5. However we are now here in Miami now and ready for some shut eye. Up early tomorrow for waders galore on Key Biscayne.

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