Wednesday 17 October 2012

15 days to go and a new page on the site

15 days to go, getting increasingly excited and nervous too!

Today we have put a new page on the site about the waders of New Zealand written by Brent Stephenson of Wrybill Birding Tours NZ especially for Wader Quest. He outlines the key species and gives some background information about them and it is liberally illustrated with some of his excellent photographs. Can't wait to get down there and see them for ourselves!

Wrybill: There is something about birds with funny bills!
Brent is our NZ co-ordinator and has been working hard on our behalf to make our trip there successful, for which we are of course extremely grateful. He is not only an excellent tour leader and operator, but is also passionate about birds, wildlife and conservation, on top of all that he is also a really good bloke!

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