Friday 7 September 2012

Colour ringed and flagged Common Ringed plovers

On the beach at the small coastal reserve of Abergwyngregyn near Llanfairfechan in Gwynedd, North Wales, we found a huge gathering of Eurasian Culrews, with one flock numbering about 1,000 resting on the extensive mudflats, but there were many more birds out in the shimmering heat haze across the vast flats.
Abergwyngregyn flats
It was here that we encountered a small group of Common Ringed Plovers, with two juvenile Dunlin. Three of these plovers had been coloured ringed and flagged.
Breeding and non breeding Common Ringed Plovers and Dunlin
The nearest plover on the left leg has an yellow/orange flag with JK printed on it
on the tibia and a red ring on the tarsus it probably has a standard siilver ring on
the right tibia as per the other individulas seen. On the plover behind only the
right tarsus red ring can be seen.
Adult breeding Common Ringed Plover; yellow/orange flag letters LJ (?) and
the red tarsus ring on left leg, plus a standard silver ring on the right tibia.
Juvenile Common Ringed Plover; yellow/orange flag letters LE and red tarsus
ring on left leg plus a standard silver ring on right tibia.
We tried to get closer to confirm the flag letters, but they wouldn't allow us to approach very close.
There they go taking their secrets with them.
When we find out the details of these birds we'll let you know.

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