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Children's Book: 
Eury the Spoon-billed Sandpiper
A5 landscape with 80 pages
£7.99 + P&P

Wader Quest 2018 calendar 
Size A5

£5.00 P&P

    Front cover  

Back cover    

Northern Lapwing Earrings
£12.00 pair 
Enamelled image with stainless steel hooks.

Back by popular demand

Hooded Plover Earrings
£12.00 pair
Enamelled image with stainless steel hooks.

Wader Quest Collectables Pins Badges £2.00: 

Wader Quest logo pin badge

Wader Quest is producing a series of enamelled pin badges including the Wader Quest logo badge seen above. In addition there are others depicting waders from across the world. Some familiar and readily seen in many places, others rare and exotic from remote locations. Each pin has a card with two photos on front; one of the bird from which the pin was designed and the other a photo of typical habitat in which the bird can be found and where the pin is attached to the card.

There are currently twelve designs to choose from:

Nº 1: Diademed Sandpiper-Plover

Nº 2: Ruddy Turnstone

Nº 3: Hooded Plover

Nº 4: Sanderling

Nº 5: Magellanic Plover

Nº 6: Egyptian Plover.

Nº 7: Dunlin.

Nº 8: Black Stilt.

Nº 9: Ibisbill.

Nº10: Northern Lapwing.

N°11: River Lapwing

N°12: Common Ringed Plover

On the reverse side, on the right hand side, there are details of the bird's name, its threat status and a short summary of the species. At the bottom of the card the date and place where the bird was first seen during the Wader Quest travels is included. On the left hand side are contact and website details and the Wader Quest logo.

These are available at £2.00 each +p&p*.
*£1.00 in the UK, larger orders may incur extra postage charges. 
Outside the UK p&p calculated on application

Jabebo earrings £6.00:

We have a small number of Jabebo earrings from the USA in stock that are currently only available in the UK via Wader Quest.

These are created by a family run outfit in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania and are made from recycled cardboard cereal cartons. The interesting thing about these earrings is that they are not identical each side and some even depict a chick with an adult. There are currently eight species available.

Pied Avocet

Black-winged Stilt

Eurasian oystercatcher

American Woodcock 

American Avocet 

Piping Plover 

Common Ringed Plover 

Red Knot 

These are available at £6.00 each plus post and packing.

Wader Quest RedBubble merchandise


At the Wirral Wader Festival we were presented with some artwork that was donated to Wader Quest by Gail Pickett (the artist) for us to sell in order to raise funds. You can see the size of them from the picture to the left, details below.

Common Redshank: Pencil original by Gail Pickett - £20.00

Common Snipe: Pencil original by Gail Pickett - £20.00

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